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Free Photoshop Brushes Collection

Free Photoshop Brushes Collection

Architects search constantly for useful Photoshop Brushes, this is our list for the best Free Brushes. As you might have noticed, the web is full with artistic Brushes, while what architects really need, is a more object oriented kind of brushes: People for plans, sections and elevations, trees, plants, furniture, clouds, nature elements and objects to make great background scenes. 

If you have any more Brushes resources, you're more than welcome to contact us and we'll add them.


People Brushes

Diverse Photoshop Pack by Showitbetter

free photoshop brushes for architecture

People and trees Brushes 

trees people brushes photoshop


Free Hand People Brushes

free hand people brushes



Nature Brushes: Plants, Trees animals and more

Hand-Drawn Trees

Tree Brush

free tree brushes

Landscape Brushes

landscape brushes


Pine Brushes

pine brushes photoshop


Grass Brushes

grass photoshop brushes


Forest background brushes

forest trees brushes


Foliage and nature elements

foliage brushes photoshop free


Forest Themed Brushes: Plants, birds, leaves, background of a forest

forest brushes


Floral Watercolor Brushes (Free Sample)

floral watercolors brushes

Leaves Brushes



Cartography Brushes for fantasy map

cartography brushes


Landscape and nature elements: plants, grass, leaves, clouds, birds and more

nature brushes photoshop


Birds brushes

birds brushes photoshop


Fog Brushes

fog brushes photoshop


Smoke Brushes

215 Smoke brushes

smoke free photoshop brushes


Pack of smoke brushes

smoke gif van



Diagram Brushes 

Arrows Pack

arrows brushes



Watercolor Brushes

12 Free Abstract Watercolor Brushes

watercolor brushes free

Traditional Watercolor brushes (including white ink)

watercolor brushes



Drawing Brushes

Favourite Brushes set

favorite brushes


Texture Brushes

RockStar - Handmade Brush Font with texture

brush font


Ink Brushes

ink brushes



Want to get our Photoshop Brushes? 

Take a look at our collection here



photoshop brushes sanaa people

Photoshop brushes


  • THANK YOU!!!!!

    Tyto on
  • This is awesome! So nice and useful! Thanks so so much!

    shan on
  • This is an amazing compilation of all the freebies one can find. Useful for professional and students both. Thanks a ton!

    sketch.n.render on

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