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Best Software for Architects and Designers

In this article you will learn about the best software for architects, why do you need it, when it was founded, its main purpose, ease of learning, and...

20 Holiday Gifts For Architects

20 Christmas and New Year's Gifts For Architects and Designers Available on Amazon By Igor Grushko, Studio AlternativiArchitects and designers are pretty much picky regarding nearly everything, including gifts they receive...

50 Meaningful Quotations About Architecture

We've picked 50 quotations by architects and about architecture. Some are commonly known, others are less known, but look to us as very significant in the processes of...

10 Best Sketchbooks for architects

Everything you need to know: Size, number of pages, cover format, color, shipping and price.

Free Poster Mockups for Architects

Best 40 poster mockups for architects: Wall posters, hanged posters, Sandwiched Clasps Poster, Glued paper posters, Urban Scenes and more

Best 30 Websites for Free 3D Models

Best sites to download free 3D models for Sketchup, Revit, Rhino, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and 3Ds Max.

Free Vector People, Plants and Objects

Free Vector People, Plants, Cars, Trees, Objects in DWG and AI files

Free Cutouts by categories

People, animals, plants, vehicles, backgrounds and objects cutouts 

Free Photoshop Brushes Collection

Photoshop Brushes of People, trees, plants, furniture, fire, somke, clouds, nature elements and more for plans, sections and elevations

Free CAD Blocks Collection

Best websites to download Free CAD Blocks for architectural presentation.

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