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5 Steps for successful Post Production

So you have rendered your image, now what? 

Together we go through 5 simple steps that can enhance most architectural renders, that may look very boring at the beginning.

photoshop before after


5 simple steps for enhancing your render: 

Before getting into in, take a look at the original image:


before after photoshop



1. Changing the background

Changing the background is not just to put some melodramatic sky behind. The background image is the one of the key elements for defining your atmosphere. Think about it this way: Is the project located in a real environment? Maybe it's in the city, in the nature or in a very realistic space? Is there any city-scape behind it? Maybe it's half hidden between other element.  

Think where and how does your project look, and then try to search for a new image. It could be more than one image - like we did. 

Click here for a wonderful list of Free Stock Images


change image background



2. Adding plants

More vegetation for more greenery in your image. Think about the 3D effect that you can use to add more depth. Some plants could be in the background, but some can stay in front, even block the view a little bit. 

When adding plants remember that it's not only trees, you can add climbing plants. green walls, grass etc.

Click here for our list of Free Cutouts.


plants for photoshop



3. Changing the Color Palette

After editing the background (location wise), the next step would be defining the atmosphere. Is the image taken in the winter, spring? Is it raining? Can we see the sun? What hour is it? Is it day or night? 

Depending on all that information you can define the editing process. For example, in our case, it's autumn, with more orange brownish colors. That's why we changed the bright green into more suitable color palette. 


change colors photoshop 



4. Adding People and movement

Most renders have people, but not all of them have an interesting movement. Remember that people are interested in people. Thus, you may want to add some moving characters, a bike rider, a car, a walking couple etc. 

Click here for our list of Free Cutouts. 

 people for photoshop



5. Final touches: Lights and color adjustments

After laying everything down, we take a break and then come back to our desktop to try and find what's actually missing. Maybe it's too dark, or too light. maybe it's a little boring (Add more movement), maybe it's too dramatic (add a lighter atmosphere) or maybe the color palette doesn't really work.

Whatever the reason, make the necessary changes while keeping in mind non-destructive editing so that you can always come back.


light in photoshop


Full video tutorial here: 



Do you have any questions? Can you recommend any more adjustments?
feel free to ask at



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