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From 3D Software to Photoshop

How to edit 3D scenes in Adobe Photoshop?

Video Tutorial by Andrea Meineri-Rost

 In this tutotrial you'll learn how to edit a 3D scene from any 3D software (Sketchup, Revit, Rhino and other) in Adobe Photoshop. 


 from sketchup to photoshop




Now, let's do it step by step:

  1. Export a PDF File from Sketchup (or any other 3D software). Preferably, use the Hidden Line Style to get a clean image

    sketchup hidden line

  2. Open the PDF in PS 
  3. Paint with Bucket faces differentiating light and shadow

    photoshop paint bucket

  4. Draw Concrete texture with fine Brush.  Remember to do this step in a New Layer

    concrete texture photoshop

  5. Fill gaps with Clone Stamp and eliminate what you do not need with Eraser
  6. Add sky and elements with the same color using Bucket and Brush with 100% hardness. If needed, use the wand or other Selection tools. Remember to do this step in a New Layer.

    photoshop architectural drawing

  7. Add concrete texture and transform it pressing Ctrl to follow the perspective

    concrete texture photoshop

  8. Eliminate parts you do not need using Invert Selections and deleting from Layer

    texture paint photoshop

  9. Add to missing places with Clone Stamp
  10. Lower Brightness in places with shadows

    shadow photoshop

  11. Outline edges with Brush at 0% hardness (black color and then lower Opacity)

    photoshop architecture

  12. Draw Clouds in a New Layer with fine Brush. Remember to do this step in a New Layer

    photoshop clouds

  13. Add trees and plants with Brush (you can download them from a lot of pages including us) Remember to do this step in a New Layer

    photoshop trees

  14. Draw people with fine Brush, use Shift for straight lines and then paint inside with Bucket (New Layer)
  15. Add people shadow: Ctrl+J to duplicate layer & Ctrl+U to lower Illumination. Last step is to lower Opacity

    people photoshop

  16. Add color with Bucket and draw texture with fine Brush to do metal elements (New Layer)

    drawing in photoshop

  17. Add color with Bucket to grass areas (New Layer)

    grass in photoshop

  18. Draw Grass texture with fine Brush (New Layer)

    grass brush photoshop

  19. Fill gaps with Clone Stamp and eliminate what you do not need with Eraser

    brush trees photoshop

  20. Do not forget to put your name on it!

    isometric text photoshop

The Final Result

architectural editing in photoshop



Get to know Andrea

My name is Andrea Aguero Meineri Rost and I am an enthusiastic Argentinian architect living in New York City. Founder of my own company-oriented into teaching graphics skills and commission-based designs for different professionals. Bringing to life architecture designs into amazing images is my strongest skill, as well as teaching and making tutorials to share my knowledge with other designers around the world.

Follow her beautiful work on instagram: @archbyandre
Subscribe to her YouTube Channel

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