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How to draw Human Scales in Adobe Illustrator?

How to draw Human Scales in Adobe Illustrator?

Video Tutorial by Sol Marengo


Can you imagine architectural drawings without human scales?

Human scales, or human figures are key element in architectural drawings. You can use them in sections, elevations, 3D views, renders, collages and diagrams. Although less common in plans and site plans, we started seeing them more and more in top view. They help us to understand the scale of the space we are representing, how we are going to use it and in which ways it can benefit our audience. 

In this tutorial Sol demonstrates how to draw vector people in Adobe Illustrator. 

The full vector set of Famous Architects can be downloaded here. 



What you need to know before getting started? 

Basic knowledge of the interface of Adobe Illustrator, basic drawing skills, Pen Tool, usage of the Layers window and basic editing skills. 

 norman foster

Get the original image of Norman Foster:

The full vector set of Famous Architects can be downloaded here. 

You can also get the PNG Characters for Free

vector famous architects




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