Studio Alternativi Technical Guidelines

Vector Files

Please download and use Studio Alternativi latest Vector Template (ai. File)


Vector files guidelines:

  1. All figures must be organized on the first Artboard ("The complete collection")
  2. Please organize your figures inside the Rectangular Guide
  3. All figures must be on one layer ("Your content here")
  4. Each figure should be clean and grouped
  5. Please do not delete or modify any locked layer
  6. You may use Artboards 2-4 ("Examples") to include larger figures of your work or any other related example to demonstrate how to use your collection in an architectural drawing or document
  7. Please make sure there are no "transparent flying objects" - Use the shortcut CTRL + Y (or View > Outline) to find them



Export Settings for Covers:

  1. Export each Artboard using File > Export > Save for Web
  2. Please use the exact settings as seen below:

    export settings


Export Settings for each figure:

  1. Export each Artboard using Windows > Asset Export
  2. Make sure that each figure is clean and grouped
  3. Select all figures
  4. From the Asset Export panel select Generate multiple assets from selection 

  5. Make sure that the number of assets match the number of figures
  6. From the Asset Export panel select Launch the Export for Screens Dialog
  7. Select All Assets

  8. Click on the Format Settings and use the exact settings as shown below:

  9. Click on Export Asset


Final submission should include:

  • A Vector file (ai.) of the collection using our Template
  • 5 Covers for the collection using our Template
  • Separate PNG file for each figure, in 300 DPI and transparent background


Other Formats

Coming Soon



Files that are not compatible with our guidelines will not be accepted