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Elevation, Section Human Scales In 1 Sec. Illustrator Action

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Tired of scaling and rescaling standing and sitting vector and cutout characters to match constantly changing scales of your cross sections and elevations? We are more than familiar with this. 

So, we've crated an "Elevation,  Section Human Scales In 1 Sec. Illustrator Action" to make us (and you) save lots of time fitting in characters into your documents.
The scales in use are the most common one: 

1:250 (1″=20′-0″)
1:200 (1/16″=1′-0″) 
1:100 (1/8″=1′-0″) 
1:50 (1/4″=1′-0″)
1:25 (1/2″=1′-0″)
1:20 (3/4″=1′-0″) 
1:10 (1 1/2″=1′-0″)

Perfect for metric and imperial measurement systems.

It's important to mention that the action is based on an average human height of 180cm (5'9") and fits standing and sitting figures in cross-section or elevation only. 

How does it work? 

1. Install the Actions file (Instruction PDF is included)

2. Simply choose the vector/ cutout character

3. Click on the type of a scale from the Actions Panel

Action by Igor Grushko

File Type: Adobe Illustrator Actions (AIA File) + instructions PDF

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