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What’s for dessert, Architect?

What’s for dessert, Architect? The story of Dinara Kasko.

Photo: Dinara Kasko website

Article by Rotem Lewinsohn

Architect-turned-baker Dinara Kasko, utilizes architectural technology along with her pastry skills to create aesthetically striking works of pastry art.

Whimsical origami cakes, polygon mesh fruit-shaped pastries, and intricate architecturally inspired desserts are all among Dinara Kasko’s repertoire, the world-famous pastry chef from Ukraine. After graduating from an Architecture and Design University she worked as an architect-designer and a 3D visualizer, gaining experience in 3d modelling skills that would later promise innovation in the culinary world. Although she genuinely enjoyed her architectural design job, she gradually became more interested in Patisserie, the art of French pastry making. Dinara explored her love for pastry making and gained a new found passion for designing something new that would combine great tasting desserts while highlighting their unique visual appeal. She experimented with a 3d printer to create molds for her pastries and continued studying, modeling, and baking to develop what would be her signature looking desserts.

Dinara’s molds vary in different shapes and sizes, while they offer meticulous geometric forms that are unachievable using traditional baking techniques. Her visually appealing desserts are inspired by her love for sharp straight lines, her love of bold colors, and her preference for simple plain geometric shapes like a cube, triangle and a sphere. She bases her works on mathematical principles of the Voronoi diagram and biomimicry. Her technique involves 3d modelling software and parametric modelling software that is used to create digital models of her 3d printed silicone molds. Dinara approaches each piece as a work of art that is well proportioned, tastes to perfection, well balanced and visually striking.

Her original silicone pastry molds are available to be purchased online, as she also offers custom design services, pastry making classes and offers recipes on her website to help others hone their pastry skills.

Below, examples if Dinara's works:






















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